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Fetty Wap Digital Download

Track Listing:

1. Trap Queen
2. How We Do Things (Feat​.​ Monty)
3. 679 (Feat​. Monty)​
4. Jugg (Fea​t. Monty)
5. Trap Luv
6. I Wonder
7. Again
8. My Way (Feat​. Monty)​
9. Time (Feat​.​ Monty)
10. Boomin
11. RGF Island
12. D.A.M.
13. No Days Off
14. I’m Straight
15. Couple Bands
16. Rock My Chain (Feat​.​ M80)
17. Rewind
18. Let It Bang
19. For My Team (Feat. Monty)
20. Whateva (Feat. Monty)

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